2007​-​2012 [Part II]

by BlackBambi

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Part II of a compilation of selected songs I wrote, performed and produced between 2007 and 2012.


released May 15, 2017

written, performed and produced by BlackBambi



all rights reserved


BlackBambi Lisbon, Portugal

BlackBambi is M̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ Bonneville’s pseudonym for his electronic music solo project, which began in 2006. Composer, vocalist and producer of hypnotic and dissonant, low-fi music, impossible to separate from a singular visual character, BlackBambi has participated in several projects related to cinema, performance and visual arts. ... more

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Track Name: This War [2007]
my voodoo makes noise

thinking, burning, sprinting just to get you closer
my body breaks when you're awake with that other fucker

fingers crossed - I'll win this war
hold no horses, I'll wait no more
Track Name: Rage Must Be Beautiful [2007]
I destroy everything
before it even begins
I will try to keep this bear beside me
I will try to keep control

I will ask you to guide me
my heart is so used to program and command
and our rage against our monsters
has to be as beautiful as our love

this rage must be beautiful
Track Name: Strawberry [2008]
your strawberry-like big bright sunglasses
keep them new
they look so good on you

your kisses like tattoos

touch me too
I want to be a part of you
Track Name: Double Meaning [2008]
double meaning
comes and fucks me
Track Name: Dead Tree [2008]
you see dead trees in your headlights
one of them is me

you drive around
want to escape
to never be found

I walk down
I hitchhike
I bitch-hike
I hitchhike
with the lights on

you drive around
you run away from me
'cause you're afraid to fuck me
with the lights on, baby

you drive around
you run away from me
'cause you're afraid to fuck me
'cause I'm a dead tree

I run around
I walk down
I can't escape
roots caught underground
Track Name: Damaged Third [2008]
should I even bother reminding myself that you're pure trouble?
fuck the train feathers and the screeching sounds

I need more than a dandy flirt
I need more than that

so mr freud has told me the whole story
and I know who you are
as well as all the others I have chosen
and I have reached my limit now

no more
I write, I scream, I sing, I say:
impossible one, you're gone
Track Name: In The Dark [2008]
I look much better in the dark

you're free to do what you want to do

I don't want to be a part of your schemes
I don't have to be part of your daily life dreams
Track Name: Death Disco [2008]
smashed mirrorball in your arms
that mirrorball is my heart
found dead on the floor of the death disco
I used to die a lot before I met you

your breath is healing me now
your hands are touching me now

this is my love

colors and tropical doubts
we glitter through all blackouts
kaleidoscopical nights we've been through
I used to die a lot before I met you

you live inside of me now
you are reflecting me now
Track Name: Freuds Toys [2008]
cumming on computer screens
cutting hair is a bad habit
eating jam, smoking dope
wearing undies of your folks
panicking about fitting in those jeans

splurging onto old machines
keeping clean is a bad habit
god, man, earth, the pope
wearing undies of your folks
hiding stacks of porno magazines

and he says:
the future is boring

he says we are freuds toys
put us on a shelf
Track Name: I'm Always Alone [2008]
the broken glasses that you find in my teeth
are just memories of what I eat

the only reason why I bleed and I bleed
is just to keep you out of my reach

I want you
where must I find pride?

I'm always alone
and in a rush
I'm always alone
I can't feel your touch
Track Name: August [2009]
lay your hands on me, august
I can feel the hear, august
I can hardly breathe, august
come on, inhale me, august

sneak up on me, august
while I'm asleep, august
leave your sweat on me, august
come violently, august

let me breathe
Track Name: Take A Picture [2010]
if you don't touch me while I'm yours
why should I beg for more?
if you don't touch me while I'm yours
well, I don't want to be here anymore

we're being fools, cut me loose
and we'll just be friends like we were before
I won't seduce, won't abuse
won't give you an excuse to ignore me anymore

so go ahead take a picture
'cause it last longer

if you don't want me anymore
I suggest you close the door
if you don't want me anymore
I hope you won't blame me of being a whore

I have my friends
let's pretend it's not really the end
it's just something we ignore
I'm not dead and my heart is as free as my head
and I'm not who I was anymore
Track Name: Gato Negro [2012]
dicen que la curiosidad mató al gato
un gato negro con la forma de mi corazón

eras mío el día entero, sólo mío y de nadie más
y esas manos ahora frías
esas manos otrora mías
enterradas, sin calor
nada pueden hacer frente al destino
contra mi soledad y mi dolor

gustaba de lamerte las heridas
como antes lo hacía tan bien
la saliva calmaba el ardor
pero no tiene cura tu cuerpo
ya nada te devuelve el color

sólo yo sé por qué este torpor
porque yo mismo he cavado la zanja
donde te acuestas, mi amor