2007​-​2012 [Part I]

by BlackBambi

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Part I of a compilation of selected songs I wrote, performed and produced between 2007 and 2012.


released May 15, 2017

written, performed and produced by BlackBambi



all rights reserved


BlackBambi Lisbon, Portugal

BlackBambi is M̶i̶g̶u̶e̶l̶ Bonneville’s pseudonym for his electronic music solo project, which began in 2006. Composer, vocalist and producer of hypnotic and dissonant, low-fi music, impossible to separate from a singular visual character, BlackBambi has participated in several projects related to cinema, performance and visual arts. ... more

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Track Name: The Shade [2007]
I'll put my sunglasses on
'cause I can't see with this light
I like the sun - he won't come
and I'm tired of lying

let's put our sunglasses on
'cause we can't see with this light
we like the sun - he won't come
and we're tired of lying

depression cured with more vitamins
let's drink our carrot juice
and walk back into the shade

let's put on our sunglasses on again
we wanna walk up and down the beach
to find an end

oh take me back to where I began
take us back to where we can't pretend

we want our sunglasses on
'cause we can't see with this light
we like the sun but he won't come
and we're so tired of lying
Track Name: Predator [2007]
ssshhhh keep quiet
don't wanna wake him up
because he's tired

ssshhhh let's keep quiet
we will get out of here
no need for riots

yes - let's
careful - slip - tongue
get wet - hug me

hide your desire
Track Name: Heart On Fire [2007]
drunk, that's how we enter the scene
every single body is broken, dancing
you're always almost falling
let's dance until it's early morning

another hot punch for the guys
the first to give up, dies

a chorus of silence
a chorus of laughter

slowly I become aware of the steam
under the heat I see you melting
turn on the fans or hide under the palm tree
these orange lights are starting to blind me

I feel like some ice-cream
yeah, sweet

I taste the layer of salt over your skin
I see the soft breeze pass through your beautiful hair
your tongue touches mine, you don't know who it is

my heart is on fire for you, baby
Track Name: Shake You Off [2008]
this is the last time you'll see a guy like me
and it's the last chance you have to be happy
this was your choice, honey
it's called democracy
no more hypocrisy

yes, now I see the kind of sad, bad taste you breathe
it's so hard to believe how stupid you can be
so you can keep the corny beast, your toast with honey
and the house by the sea

shake you off of me
Track Name: Avatar [2008]
dead disco
I dance with myself
I'll bring myself with me

the mirror balls I break
are compared to the hearts
that I can't take

thank me for that

I am my own avatar
Track Name: Tiger, Coward [2008]
I could be a tiger
I could be alive another time to learn what to do
I could be shit proof
but you'd still be a coward
Track Name: Everyone Wants One [2011]
everyone wants one

cigarettes rolled up on the floor
light one up and inhale until it's all gone
tropical haze
blood, brain
mind wants more
Track Name: Babochka [2011]
is this the rash you feel when you are peeled?
a sort of ravishing deal we'll see unsealed?

move your body
parts apart
smooth the drool
around your binded heart

cracked / the miracle
my voice makes all this noise / of boys
shocked / who murder boys
cracked / the miracle
my voice makes all this noise / of boys
blocked / I guess I have no choice
Track Name: Blood [2012]
one of these days I feel I'm gonna steal the sun from you
one of these days I feel we're both gonna burn
one of these days I feel I'll peel what's left of the best of you
one of these days

one of these days I know you'll think that I belong to you
one of these days I know this game's gonna turn
one of these days I know I'll show my savage bride side to you
one of these days

I'm gonna suck your blood
I'm gonna taste your blood
I'm gonna be your blood
I'm gonna be you too

one of these days with no further delays
you're gonna pray, gonna do it his way
soon when you lie and the day seems to fade
you're gonna hear what the white man's saying:

there's a tall blinded man in your hair
and I'd say he's not scared
I'd say the tall man's waiting to be fed (one of these days)
with the kind of love that burns up in hell

he's gonna suck your blood
he's gonna taste your blood
he's gonna be your blood
he's gonna be you too
Track Name: Cremation Diamond [2012]
so when I die
what will become of me?

you can crush my bones to dust
I trust in ash, you see
you can crush my bones to dust
I'll burst so silently

make me into your ring
turn me into a ring

cremation diamond

so now I've died
what has become of me?
now I've died
what have you done with me?

have you crushed my bones to dust
and kept me preciously?
now you can blush and bite
and swallow me entirely

skip sleep and talk to me
look at and polish me
skip sleep and walk with me
I am your jewelry

cremation diamond